The Confederation Systems are executive bodies, through which the active participation of all member universities is organized for the development of plans, programs and projects. In order to achieve greater effectiveness in achieving the objectives of the Confederation, the systems have regional communication and coordination, which is the responsibility of the General Secretariat, and within each university the representatives of the same in the Systems are constituted in nodes to coordinate the actions derived from the agreements of the CSUCA and each System. Next, you will be presented with the different Systems of the Confederation, with a direct link to the virtual space of each System so that you can learn more about them.

CENTRAL AMERICAN SYSTEM OF EVALUATION AND ACCREDITATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION It is the system that promotes innovation and improvement of higher education offered by CSUCA member universities, as well as the culture of quality, evaluation and accountability to society, promoting accreditation. It also promotes the harmonization and regional integration of higher education systems in Central America and the Dominican Republic. SICEVAES is made up of the academic or teaching vice rectories of the CSUCA member universities.

The Sistema Regional de Vida Estudiantil (SIREVE), is the body of the Consejo superior Universitario Centroamericano, which through the Consejo Regional de Vida Estudiantil (CONREVE), is in charge of coordinating, promoting, strengthening and generating initiatives, programs and projects that promote the development of the Student Life area of ​​the member Universities ; contributing to the comprehensive training of professionals who participate with social commitment, in the transformation, development and integration of the member countries of the Sistema de Integración Centroamericana SICA.

The Central American University Publishing System (SEDUCA) is the maximum advisory body of the Consejo Superior Universitario Centroamericano (CSUCA) in editorial matter. It is made up of the publishers of the affiliated universities to the CSUCA.

The Integrated System of Central American Documentary Information -SIIDCA- It is made up of 22 University Libraries, belonging to the same number of Universities.

The Sistema Centroamericano de Relación Universidad-Sociedad (SICAUS) is a Regional University System of the Central American University Confederation, of an academic and technical nature that interacts closely with the different sectors of society and the State, contributing to the processes of integration and regional development in a sustainable way, through the different linking activities that society requires and the member universities of the Confederation consider pertinent.
The Sistema Regional Centroamericano y del Caribe de Investigación y Posgrado (SIRCIP), is a body of the Central American Confederation that strengthens, guides, supports, coordinates, harmonizes and integrates research and postgraduate studies, with a regional focus on the member universities of the Central American Higher University Council (CSUCA).