The projects are those regional, specific, limited-time academic activities, framed within the CSUCA Plans, preferably within the scope of Programs and Work Areas previously established by the Council, within its regular planning, all management before the cooperation for the implementation of a project must be regional in nature.

Previous projects

Strengthening of the Governance of Disaster Risk Management in Central America. See more
Fortalecimiento de SG-CSUCA, to promote storage and use of scientific and satellite information for sustainable development C.A. See more
Central American School for the Conservation of Cultural Assets and Museology See more
The INICIA project (Specialization in Management of Collaborative Economic Initiatives and Social Economy in Central America) See more
University Program for Disaster Risk Reduction and Adaptation to Climate Change. See more
HICA, Harmonization and Innovation of Central American Higher Education Qualifications frameworks, curricular reform, improvement of the quality of higher education and international academic harmonization: The European experience Elizabeth Noonan, Director of Quality Improvement (UCC). See more