June 13, 2022

Today the university education workshop ?Innovate in a simple and fruitful way was held, with the purpose of generating an exchange within the public universities of Central America and the Caribbean, in order to be able to identify and exchange good practices in time to train students through various virtual tools and the implementation of the Qualifications Framework for Central American Education -MCESCA-.

?In the first two decades of this century, there is a demand for higher education, as well as a demand to prepare new generations with quality education, innovation and equal access to new communication technologies. It is expected that the MCESCA will be the basis for the formulation and innovation of education in our region?, said the Secretary General of CSUCA, Carlos Alvarado.  

For her part, Juana Machado, President of SICEVAES pointed out ?In Central American universities we have been developing a series of actions to be able to find the support tools to develop the work in the classroom, therefore, this workshop will help us to visualize innovative strategies, with the purpose of training the professionals that our Central American countries require?

This first exchange presented great implementations, which at the time of exchange have generated new proposals with the purpose of improving the contribution of higher education. The workshop was held thanks to the support of HRK and the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, in conjunction with CSUCA.