SIECA and CSUCA start training program

Central America June 17, 2022

With the purpose of socializing Central American economic integration, under the principle of being a trainer of trainers, today the diploma course begins for more than 160 teachers from the universities that make up the Central American University Confederation.

?In the month of February we signed an agreement with SIECA, which gave us the opportunity to exchange this experience, through joint projects, based on the need for training that exists in the region, assuming that the process of Central American integration is transcendent, allowing the construction of a promising future, within a representative and participatory democracy, with a meeting point in peace, justice and equity? said Carlos Alvarado, Secretary General of CSUCA.

For his part, Duayner Salas, Chief of Staff, pointed out ?We have worked decisively and jointly, after several months of hard work, today the Diploma in Central American Economic Integration is launched as a novel initiative with the purpose of promoting the Central American integration, encouraging spaces for reflection that affect the thinking of Central America, which will help position the region at the highest level?

The course seeks to integrate university teachers in the subject in order to replicate the importance of integration in students of public universities in the SICA region.

The course will be taught virtually, using learning tools in fully technological environments, through the SIECA virtual platform. And it will last 6 months, through 11 modules, in which different phases and integration tools can be known.