Workshop Institutional Management of International Collaborative Online Learning in Central America

September 20, 2022

Today, the first synchronous session of the workshop on "Institutional Management of International Collaborative Online Learning in Central America" was held, which is carried out with the support of Obreal Global, Anuies, Universidad Veracruzana and Universidad de Granada.

The workshop consists of three asynchronous sessions, starting the first from September 13 to 16; and two synchronous sessions.

The first synchronous session is developed by identifying the context and institutional roles of the internationalization of higher education, the institutional management of the internationalization of the curriculum; actors, roles and profiles, the transversality of the internationalization processes of the curriculum and online internationalization.

The Workshop is held with the objective of raising awareness and training university managers in the design and operation of a program for international collaborative online learning, COIL for its acronym in English, from the perspective of the institutional policies of internationalization of HEIs and with focus on the internationalization process of the curriculum.