Transfer of Presidency of SIESCA

Central America July 22, 2022

With the purpose of being able to publicize the progress of the Central American Higher Education Internationalization System -SIESCA- during the period July 2021 to June 2022, chaired by Rafael Ángel Sánchez on behalf of Nicaragua together with Maynor Barrientos, current president of SIESCA, On behalf of Costa Rica, a transfer meeting for the Presidency of SIESCA is held today.

To start the activity, the General Secretary of CSUCA, Carlos Alvarado Cerezo, expressed ?Internationalization has been an important strategy of universities in the face of globalization, being a fundamental element for the development of our peoples and the formation of skills of the university community. ?.

To continue, a presentation was made by Maynor Barrientos, President of SIESCA for the period July 2022-June 2023, who mentioned ?I feel very honored to be at the service of the entire system, the projects that are underway and the program that is articulated by the different systems, my responsibility will be to put myself at the service of all the projects that are planned?

For his part, Rafael Ángel Sánchez thanked all the people who have been part of the system and the actions that have been achieved during the period of the pro tempore presidency, indicating that among the achievements is the structuring of an operational plan for the next 4 years according to the objectives and indicators foreseen in the V PIRESC, as well as, generate actions of institutional strengthening ?capacity building? through the collaborative work for art of CSUCA, OBREAL Global and its South American chapter, generation of Hybrid Meeting of Science and Academy, among other actions.

Likewise, the presentation of the achievements obtained by each objective referring to the program ?Regionalization and internationalization of higher education? of the Fifth Plan for the Regional Integration of Higher Education in Central America and the Dominican Republic -PIRESC V-, with the presentation of a representative of the committee of each objective.