SIRCIP Presidency Transfer

Central America July 26, 2022

With the purpose of being able to publicize the progress of the Central American and Caribbean Regional Research and Postgraduate System -SIRCIP- during the period July 2021 to June 2022, chaired by Dayra Blandón on behalf of Nicaragua, together with Jorge Herrera, President of SIRCIP for the period July 2022 to June 2023, on behalf of Costa Rica, a presidency transfer meeting is held today.

To start the meeting, Francisco González, President of CSUCA, expressed ?In the dissemination of the findings of the research processes there is an importance in knowledge management, to generate forms of integration and from that initiative we can strengthen our articulated work and thus Generate contributions for Central American society?

For his part, Carlos Alvarado, Secretary General of CSUCA, reflected ?Contemporary society in our countries is experiencing great difficulties, which is why higher education imposes different challenges, hence the importance of strengthening research capacities and the production of knowledge.?  Thus giving thanks to Dayra Blandón for her performance during the time she held the presidency of SIRCIP and welcoming and offering support to the current President of the system.

?Based on recognizing the role of research within university activities, the SIRCIP fulfills a great role for the contribution of knowledge, as well as the attention to social demands, with the necessary characteristics and capacities through rigorous research processes , to solve the biggest problems that our region is experiencing? Jorge Herrera, current President of SIRCIP. 

Next, Dayra Blandón indicated the actions that have been achieved through the system, such as the approval of the document "Conceptualization for the Recognition of the Condition of Academic Regionality, in Postgraduate Programs SIRCIP/CSUCA", as well as the collaborative work between SIIDCA and SIRCIP, the creation of the network of open science promoters, as well as the generation of various virtual activities as part of the strengthening of internationalization processes and open science, among other actions.

Likewise, the presentation of the achievements obtained by each objective referring to the program ?Research, science, technology and innovation for regional integration and development? of the Fifth Plan for the Regional Integration of Higher Education in Central America and the Dominican Republic -PIRESC V-, with the presentation of a representative of the committee of each objective.

To conclude, they agreed to schedule the next general assembly on October 20 of this year, which will take place in a hybrid manner, with headquarters in Costa Rica.